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Рецепт на Конкурс от Ирины

Новые рецепты на английском в группе “ВКонтакте”

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Hi! My name is Irene. Unfortunately, I knew about this interesting competition two days ago. But I hope what it’s not too late to take part in it.
This is my recipe:

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Fridge Cake


   150 grams of biscuits


   100 grams of peanuts


   100 grams of walnuts


   150 grams of butter


   200 grams of chocolate

   cocoa powder


Break the biscuits into small pieces directly into a large bowl.

biscuits pieces border=

Add the peanuts, walnuts.
Put the rest of the ingredients into a bowl and put over a pan of simmering water on low heat to melt.

Mix the ingredients together and place in the container which acts as your mold.

Leave in the refrigerator to firm up, then turn out and cut into chunky slices. This cake can be kept in a container and actually improves after a couple of days.

My friend said: “It’s out of this world!!”
My sister said: “This cake is more chocolate than chocolate!!!”

Рецепт на Конкурс от Розы Ким

Новые рецепты на английском в группе “ВКонтакте”

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Manty  (with beef or mutton)
Manty is a traditional meat dish in Central Asian cuisines.
It consists of minced meat wrapped in thin dough and steamed in a special multi-level steamer called mantyshniza. However, it is very popular in Russia, Ukraine and is cooked on big holidays. It can be called a family dish. All family takes part in cooking it and then eats together at a big table.
I shall tell you about preparation of a traditional, celebratory dish in our family, named Manty.

for dough:
     500 g of  flour
     1/2-3/4 cup of water
     1 egg
     salt for taste
for filling:
     1 kg of beef or mutton
     0,5 kg of onions
     2 cloves of garlic
     salt and  pepper
for dressing:
     green onions

1. Sift the flour on to a board, shaping it as a hill, make a deepening in the middle, add 1 egg into it, add water. Knead the dough.

Well began is half done!

2. Knead the dough well until plastic and easily rolled into a ball. Leave it under cling film for 30 min. Divide it into 3 big pieces, roll each out thinly.


3. Add the crushed garlic, chopped onions, salt and pepper to the minced meat.
It is possible to add spicery to the minced meat which will give aroma and taste (zira or  coriander). Mix.


4. Use a cup to make identical circles. Put the meat on to each circle.

5. Brush the edges with egg and pinch the opposite sides together.

6. Continue pinching the way it is shown on the picture.

Now you have the letter H, and you need to pinch together its top and bottom ends. You can start cooking it immediately or after an hour putting in to the freezer.

7. Butter the steamer’s grids and put the manty on them. Steam for 40 min covered.
Grease with butter, and sprinkle with green onions.


Red pepper for fans of a spicy food:

So the dish when ready looks. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

Bon appetite!


Our holidays with manty!

The more you have, the more you wont!
One with a plough, seven with a spoon!

They always say:
– We might be very good friends, but our tobacco  is of different brands!
 There is the opinion of  my colleague Tatiana:
– In my opinion, even the most severe people become softer, when eating manty. Taste of manty is so delicious and it is so tender, that simply melts in your mouth.

Try it yourself – you won’t regret!


Рецепт на Конкурс от Анны

Новые рецепты на английском в группе “ВКонтакте”

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Hello!!! My name’s Ann. I like cooking. This is my favorite recipe.

“Chocolate sausage”
  What do we need?
– a  glass of sugar, 
– 1 egg,
– 200 gr of butter, 
– 500 gr of cookie,
– 1 big spoon of cocoa


Milt butter on small fire. Add sugar and mix it up. 
Then add cocoa. Cold this paste. Add 1 egg and mix all this paste.
Crumb cookie and mix it up again. Put this paste on the cellophane  and roll up in  sausage.
Knit it with a string and put chocolate sausage in the fridge  for  1 or 2 hours.


My granny: I love your tasty chocolate sausage
My friends: We always eat it on our parties. Super!!!!!!!!!!!!





Замечательный рецепт! Спасибо!