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Chapter IV


      The police station was only a few streets away.
Are you the person that was robbed?” the policeman asked the old gentleman.
I am. But I am not sure that this boy actually took the handkerchief,” he replied.
You must go to the magistrate now, sir,” said the policeman.
The policeman took Oliver into a dirty stone cell. He was locked up. The old gentleman looked at Oliver through the door of the cell.
There is something about that boy’s face”, he thought. “Where did I see that face before? He looks like somebody I know. No, it must be my imagination.”
      A little while later,
Oliver and the old gentleman were taken to the magistrate.
      The old gentleman’s name was Mr. Brownlow. He told the magistrate that he had run after Oliver because he saw Oliver running away. He also said that he was not sure that Oliver was the thief.
      Oliver looked very pale. He felt very sick.
is your name?” asked the magistrate.
He said his name is Tom White, sir.” The policeman answered for him.
Does he have any parents?”
He says they died when he was a baby, sir.”
      At that moment,
Oliver fainted and fell down on the floor. Nobody moved.
      That moment
the owner of the bookshop arrived.
I saw everything what happened”, he said. “It wasn’t this boy who stole the handkerchief. It was another boy. Sorry, I couldn’t come here before. There was nobody to look after my shop.”
everybody out!” shouted the magistrate.
Oliver was carried outside by a policeman and laid down on the ground.
Call a coach, somebody! Quickly!” said Mr.Brownlow.
Can I come with you?” asked the bookshop owner.
      “Yes, my dear sir,”
replied Mr. Brownlow. “Get in quickly!”
The bookshop owner got into the coach and they drove off to Mr. Brownlow’s house.
coach – коляска, карета, экипаж

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