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Chapter V
At Mr.Brownlow’s House (continue)

Mr.Brownlow thought it would worry you,” said Mrs.Bedwin. "But if you get better quickly then it was hung up again. Now let us talk about something else.” And Mrs.Bedwin talked Oliver about her children and they played cards.
Oliver was happy. Everybody was kind to him. And soon he became well.
One evening
Mr. Brownlow told him to come into the room. It was a small room whith a window looked out onto the garden. The room was full of books.
I never saw so many books,” said Oliver.
Would you like to be a book-writer?” asked Mr. Brownlow.
I think it would be much better to be a book-seller,” said Oliver.
Mr.Brownlow asked Oliver to tell him about his life. How he became an orphan, where did he come from and how did he come to London.
Oliver began to tell Mr. Brownlow about his life in the orphanage when a servant knocked at the door. The servant told Mr. Brownlow that his friend Mr. Grimwig came to visit him.
At this moment,
a large old gentleman came into the room. He was wearing a blue coat and a white hat.
Oliver bowed to Mr. Grimwig.
You don’t mean to say that’sthe boy who had a fever!” said Mr.Grimwig. “How are you, boy?”
“Much better,
thank you, sir,” answered Oliver.
Oliver left the room to tell Mrs. Bedwin that they were ready for tea, Mr.Grimwig said to Mr. Brownlow that Oliver would never told him the truth about his life.
At that moment
Mrs. Bedwin brought in some books for Mr.Brownlow from the bookshop.
there was something to go back to the shop.
Let me take them for you, sir,” said Oliver.
Mr.Brownlow gave him five pounds and said: "Take this book back and give the man in the shop the money for the books that I bought now.”
Oliver felt very happy to help Mr. Brownlow.
I’ll be back in twenty minutes,” said he.
Mrs. Bedwin followed Oliver to the door and told him how to go to the bookshop.
You expect him to come back, do you?” asked Mr. Grimwig. “The boy has new clothes, new shoes, some valuable books, and five pounds in his pocket. He’ll return to his old friends and laugh at you!”
The two men sat quietly in the room looking at the clock. They were waiting for Oliver to return.
would worry – могло бы побеспокоить
o get better – идти на поправку (о здоровье)
it was hung up again – картину повесят снова
onto – на; в
bow – кланяться

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