День 2



Back to the Fagin’s Place

When the Dodger and Charley returned Fagin’s house they told Fagin about Oliver and his arrest. “I am afraid he may say something about us to the police.” said Fagin. “Somebody must go to the magistrate office to find out what has happened”.
They decided to send Nancy.
The policeman in the magistrate told her that Oliver was at Mr. Brownlow’s house.
Fagin decided to watch Mr. Brownslow’s house.
* * *

Oliver was walking to the bookshop. He felt very happy.
Nancy saw him and began to shout: “Oh, my dear little brother! Where have you been?” She grabbed Oliver.
The Fagin’s company forced Oliver into a dark street.
There was nobody to help Oliver to escape? Nobody hears his cries.

* * *
has happened – случилось
grab – схватывать, хватать
force into – запихивать, заталкивать

To be continued

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