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They say that people don’t want to read books now.

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“They don’t want exactly what they want but it is more than that just bread and circuses”. J.B. Priestly

bread and circuses – хлеба и зрелищ (требование римской черни при императоре Августе)

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Chapter VI

The Plan Goes Wrong

That night Nancy came to take Oliver to Bill’s house. She came in and sat down by the fire. She looked very pale.
You must come with me to Bill’s house. I promised him that I would bring you there. If I don’t, he will hurt me.”
Nancy showed Oliver some marks on her arms and neck made by Bill.
She took Oliver out of the house to where a carriage was waiting. They got into the carriage and the driver quickly took them to Bill’s house.

It was a dark, wet night when they left the house. The house was dark and looked empty. Sikes pushed the door open.
Toby was waiting for them inside. The two robbers then held Oliver by each hand and went out. They walked quickly along the country road and crossed a bridge. Soon they came to a little town of Chertsey. The main street was empty at this time of night. After walking a little further, they stopped in front of the large house.
Bill and Toby forced a small window open.
listen,” Sikes said to Oliver. “You are going to climb through the window. Then, you must go to the front door of the house, unlock it and open it.”
Toby and Sikes lifted Oliver up to the window and pushed him through it.
Oliver suddenly decided to try to run upstairs to warn the family of the house about the robbery. But the noise came from upstairs. Somebody in the house was awake. A light came on the top of the stairs. Two men appeared there. One of them had a gun. He fired at the robbers. Oliver fell down with a crash. Sikes quickly pulled him back through the window. Oliver had wounded. Sikes and Toby left Oliver on the ground and escaped over the wall without him.

hurt – причинить боль; ушибить; травмировать
mark — след; шрам
take out – забирать
carriage – коляска; экипаж; карета; повозка
pushed the door open – толчком открыл дверь
main – главный
appear – показываться; появляться
crash – грохот
pull – тянуть, тащить
wound – ранить

Назад I Содержание I До встречи в 5-й части!

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