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Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter VI

Oliver is caught

The two men from the house ran after the robbers. They were servants of the old lady who lived in the house. They ran across the grass but stopped before they reached the wall. They were afraid to go any further and so they returned to the house.
Oliver was lying unconscious on the ground. It was raining. He had been lying there for several hours until morning came. Then at last he awoke. He cried out in pain. He could not move his left arm. He felt very weak. He got up slowly and walked towards the house. He knocked on the door and fell down on the doorstep.
Inside the house,
the servants – Mr. Giles and Mr. Brittles – were telling the cook and the housemaid about the robbery.
Just then,
they heard Oliver’s knock at the door.
They all went to the front door, opened it carefully and found Oliver.
The woman servant went upstairs to tell the old lady who owned the house about the captured thief. A young woman appeared at the top of the stairs. “Is the poor boy badly hurt?” she asked.
He might die, Miss”, said Brittles, “Would you like to see him?”
The young woman came to speak to her aunt. Soon she returned and told the men to bring Oliver upstairs and go and find a doctor: “Be careful with the boy,” she said. They carried Oliver to a bedroom.

Fagin, the Dodger and Charley Bates were playing cards while they waited for Bill Sikes to return after the robbery. Then Toby Crackit came and told Fagin about the robbery. “We didn’t get the silver,” he said. “They fired at us with a gun and hit Oliver. We tried to run away with him, but he was too heavy to carry, so we left him there. We left him lying on the ground and run away. I don’t know if he is alive or dead.”
reach – достигать, добираться
unconscious – без сознания, в обмороке
cried out – кричать, вопить
in pain – от боли
fell down – бухнуться, рухнуть
captured – захваченный

Is the poor boy badly hurt?” – Бедный мальчик сильно ранен? (пассив)
He had been lying there for several hours until morning came. – он пролежал там

A small present for you.

Once American businessman saw a man lying under an orange tree and asked him:
– Why don’t you take in the oranges?
– What for?
– You can sell them at the market and get good money.
– What for?
– Then you’ll hire a few helpers, take in a large number of oranges and get the most money.
– What for?
– How stupid you are! If you have much money you can lie under the trees and do nothing.
– But what I am doing now?

Have a good time!

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