День 2

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter VI

Fagin meets Monks

Fagin jumped up angrily and ran out of the house. He went to a bar where thieves and criminals liked to meet. Inside the bar, the room was full of smoke.
Fagin looked around carefully. He was looking for one man in particular, but he did not see him.
Tell Monks that I came to see him and that he must come to me tonight” said Fagin to the landlord.
Fagin left the bar and harried home. But at the street where he lived Fagin saw Monks, waiting for him. They both went inside Fagin’s house to talk.
Fagin told Monks about the robbery and Oliver.
he is dead, it’s not my fault!” said Monks. “I told you that I didn’t want him to be murdered. If he is dead, it’s not my fault.”
Just then,
Monks thought he saw something move. It was a woman’s shadow on the wall.
Fagin and Monks ran out of the room to look for the mysterious woman. They did not find anyone there. They listened but could not hear any noise in the house.
They looked in all the rooms in the house but could not find anyone there.

One more small secret for the best learning English.

You must read the text slowly ant quickly, very active and energetic sentence by sentence.

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