День 3


Dr. Losbern

In the house at Chertsey, the young woman and her aunt were waiting for the doctor to arrive. The young woman was about seventeen years old and very beautiful.
the doctor arrived with Mr. Brittles. The doctor ran into the room to speak to the two women. The doctor’s name was Losberne.
There is a boy upstairs for you to see”, said Miss Rose.
The doctor Losberne went upstairs with Mr. Giles to look at Oliver.
A long time later
Doctor Losberne returned.
Is the boy in danger?” asked Mrs. Maylie.
No, I don’t think so,” said the doctor. “I would like you both to come and see him.”
The ladies followed Doctor Losberne upstairs to the room where Oliver was lying. Mrs. Maylie and Miss Rose expected to see an evil criminal lying on the bed. Instead they saw only a child sleeping, his injured arm across his chest.
Several hours later,
Oliver awoke and was able to tell them his story.
Soon two policemen
arrived at the house to ask about the robbers.
Mr.Giles told them that he didn’t think Oliver was one of them.

В записную книжку:
to be able to – мочь, быть в состоянии

There is only one Success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.

You’d never have been able to call your soul your own if she’d married you”. (B. Shaw, ‘You Never Can Tell’)
not to be able to call one’s soul one’s own – не быть самому себе хозяином, не распоряжаться собой, не принадлежать себе; быть в полном подчинении, не сметь пикнуть

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