День 5

Chapter VII

Monks meets Mr. Bumble

One day, Mr. Bumble went for a drink in a bar near the workhouse. The bar was empty except for one man. Mr. Bumble ordered a drink and sat down. He looked at the other man.
He was a tall, dark stranger in a long coat. Mr. Bumble drank and read newspaper. Then the stranger spoke to him, “Are you the master of the workhouse here? I want some information from you.” The stranger put two gold coins on the table. Mr. Bumble took the coins and put them into his pocket.
“Twelve years ago
a boy was born in the workhouse. A small, gentle boy who went to work for an undertaker and then ran away to London.”
You mean Oliver! Oliver Twist!” said Mr. Bumble.
I want to know who looked after his mother.”
The old woman who looked after Oliver’s mother died last winter. My wife knows something important about her."
I want your wife to see me tomorrow evening at nine o’clock. Come to the old factory by the river. Keep our meeting a secret”, said the stranger.
What is your name?” asked Mr. Bumble.
answered the stranger and quickly walked away.

coin – монета

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