День 2

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter VII

The Meeting

Mr. and Mrs. Bumble walked about a mile and a half and at last they saw some old houses near the river. In the middle of these houses stood a larger building. It was used as a factory but was now in ruins.
When they came up to the building, Mr. and Mrs. Bumble stopped. Suddenly a small door opened and Monks let them in.
The woman knows what it is about, doesn’t she?" said Monks. “Were you with the old woman, who had looked after Oliver’s mother, on the night she died?”
“Yes, I was there”, she answered.
Monks took some gold coins from his pocket and counted out twenty-five pounds. He put the coins on the table in front of Mrs. Bumble.
“Now tell me your story about the old woman,” he said.
A young woman, Oliver’s mother, gave Old Sally some jewellery and a document. She asked her to give everything to the boy.
“Where is this jewellery now?” asked Monks.
“Here”, answered Mrs. Bumble. She opened a small bag and emptied it in the table. It contained a gold wedding ring, a gold chain and two locks of hair.
Monks suddenly pushed the table and pulling an iron ring in the floor, opened a large door at Mr. Bumble’s feet. Mr. Bumble stepped back quickly. Monks took jewellery and put it back into the small bag. Then he tied the bag to a large piece of metal and dropped the bag through the door in the floor into the river.
“Now there is nothing that can be used against us. Get away from here as fast as you can!” said Monks.

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