День 3



Fagin, Nancy, and the boys left Sikes sleeping and returned home. When they arrived at the house, Fagin took Nancy into a room alone. Then he said, “I’ll go and get you some money, Nancy. I don’t have very much.”

Suddenly they heard the noise of someone else in the house.

Listen! Who’s that?” cried Fagin.

A man came into the room. It was Monks. He stopped when he saw that Nancy was with Fagin.

It’s only one of my young people,” – said Fagin. Then he and Monks went to the room upstairs. Nancy took off her shoes and very quietly followed them. She hid in the darkness and listened.

Fifteen minutes later, Nancy quickly returned to the room downstairs. Then Fagin and monks came down. Monks left the house and Fagin went to take the money for Nancy. When he returned, Fagin looked at the girl and said: “You look very pale, Nancy. Is anything wrong?”

Then he gave her money and she went out into the street. Nancy sat down on the doorstep to think for a few minutes. Then she hurried home to Bill.

When she arrived at the house, Sikes asked her for money and then went back to sleep. He did not notice that she looked worried.

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