День 4

Chapter VII
Nancy’s Secret Visit

Next day, Sikes used Fagin’s money to buy food and drink. He was too busy eating and drinking to notice Nancy’s unusual behaviour. However at night, as she sat waiting for him to fall asleep, he noticed that she had a strange look on her face and her eyes were bright.

What’s the matter with you?” he asked.

Nothing said Nancy. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What are you thinking about?” Sikes asked, shaking her arm.

“About many things,” said Nancy.

“You are ill” said Sikes. “Come and sit here beside me!”

Nancy sat down beside him on the bed. Sikes lay down and closed his eyes. Then he opened them quickly to see if Nancy was still there. Eventually he fell asleep.

The drug is working,” whispered Nancy to herself.

She quickly put on her coat and hat, making sure that Bill was asleep. Then she kissed him and silently left the house.

Nancy walked along the back streets towards the West End of London. It was ten o’clock and the shops were already closed. Nancy began to run, pushing past people in the street. When she came to the wealthier part of the city there were less people in the street. Finally she arrived at a small hotel and looked around.

Tell Miss Maylie that a young woman asks to speak to her alone,” said Nancy to a man from the hotel.

“Very well, I’ll tell her,” said the man. “Wait here for a moment.”

A beautiful young girl entered the room. It was Rose Maylie.

When she saw Miss Maylie, Nancy began to cry.

Sit down and tell me what is wrong” said Rose.

Nancy did not sit down. Instead she made sure that the door was closed and then she said, “My life is in your hands. I am the girl that took little Oliver back to old Fagin’s house on the night he went out from Mr. Brownlow’s house.

“You!” cried Rose.

I came here to tell you something about Oliver. Do you know a man called Monks?”

No, I never heard that name before”, answered Rose.

He knows you, and he knows you are here,” said Nancy. “That’s how I found you. I heard Monks tell Fagin that Monks had seen Oliver in the street with our two boys on the day we lost him. He promises Fagin a large sum of money if Oliver is brought back from Mr. Bronwlow’s house and made a thief.

“Why did he want to do this?” asked Rose.

“Last night, I heard Monks tell Fagin that the only proof of the boy’s identity was laying at the bottom of the river, and the old womanwho had had those things – was dead.”

Monks said that he didn’t want a younger brother.

“His brother!” cried Rose.

That’s what he said,” said Nancy. “Now I must go”.

“But what can I do?” asked Rose. “How can we save Oliver?”

Do you promise to keep my secret and to meet me alone?”

I promise,” said Rose.

“Every Sunday night from eleven o’clock until midnight I’ll be on London Bridge,” said Nancy. She got up to leave.

“Now I must go,” said Nancy.

Then she left Rose alone in the room.

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