День 5

Chapter VII

Rose Goes to Mr. Brownlow’s House

The next morning Oliver came to tell Rose that he had seen Mr. Brownlow in the street and asked the coach driver Mr.Brownlow’s address. Five minutes later they were in a coach on their way to his house.

Rose left Oliver in the coach and went inside alone. Oliver could join them in a few minutes.

Rose told Mr.Brownlow what had happened to Oliver when he left Mr. Brownlow’s house, why hadn’t he returned on the day Mr. Brownlow sent him out with the books. She told Mr. Brownlow about everything since then.

“Thank God!” cried Mr. Brownlow. “You have made me very happy. But where is he now?”

He is in the coach outside the front door,” said Rose.

Mr. Brownlow jumped up, hurried from the room and down the stairs to see Oliver. A few minutes later he returned to the room with Oliver. Then Mr. Brownlow sent for Mrs. Bedwin.

I knew you would come back to me! Thank God!” cried the old woman holding him in her arms. “Where have you been all this time? But now your face is not so pale and your eyes are not so sad.”

Mr. Brownlow took Rose into another room so that Rose could tell him about her meeting with Nancy. They talked about what should be done.
coach – коляска, карета, экипаж
join – присоединяться (к кому-л.)
front door – парадная дверь
hold – держать; обнимать

Назад I Содержание I До встречи в 7-й части!

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