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Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter VIII

The Artful Dodger is Caught

A few days later, the artful Dodger tried to steal a handkerchief from someone’s pocket. A policeman saw that, arrested him and took him to the police station.
On the day of trial,
The Dodger came into the courtroom with his left hand in his pocket and the hat in his right one. He asked the magistrate why he was there.
I am an Englishman. Where are my privileges?
You’ll get your privileges soon enough – said the policeman.
We’ll see what the Secretary of State for Home Affairs has to say about this! – replied the Dodger. – I hope the magistrate won’t take too much time because I have an appointment in the City soon.
The people in the courtroom began to laugh loudly.
– Silence! –
cried the policeman.
What is this? – the magistrate asked.
– A pickpocketing case, sir. –
This boy is a well-known thief.
– Where
are the witnesses? – asked the magistrate.
– Yes, where
are they? I’d like to see them! – said the Dodger.
The policeman who saw the Dodger trying to steal the handkerchief stepped forward.
Would you like to ask the witness anything? – the magistrate asked the Dodger.
No, – said the Dodger. – Not at the moment.
Take him away! – said the magistrate.
The Dodger was taken away by the policeman and locked up on a cell.
handkerchief – носовой платок
On the day of trial – в день суда
courtroom – зал суда
Secretary of State for Home Affairs — министр внутренних дел (в Англии)
affairs – дела, вопросы
appointment – свидание, условленная встреча
pickpocketing – карманная кража
well-known – известный
witness – свидетель

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