День 2

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter VIII
Nancy Goes to London Bridge

It was Sunday evening. Sikes was talking to Fagin. Nancy waited until it was eleven o’clock. She got up and put on her hat.
I want to walk in the street", said Nancy.
You can’t, so sit down!" said Sakes angrily.
let me go, only for an hour!" cried Nancy. She fell down on her knees in front of Sikes.
Sikes pulled her into another room and threw her into a chair. Here she stayed until twelve o’clock.
She is very strange tonight", said Fagin. He secretly thought Nancy was tired of Bill Sikes and wanted to meet another man.
He had to find out who this new man was. He decided to get one of the boys to follow Nancy and watch her when she met her new friend.
On Sunday night a week later,
the church clock struck a quarter to twelve. Two people appeared on London Bridge. The first person was Nancy. The second person was a man followed her. When Nancy got to the middle of the bridge, she stopped. A few minutes later, a young lady and an old gentleman walked onto the bridge. They were Rose Maylie and Mr. Brownlow. Nancy ran towards them. She said quickly: "I am afraid to speak to you here. Come down those steps over there!"
The man who followed Nancy hurried there first and hid in a dark corner.
Miss Maylie told me your story about Monks," said Mr. Brownlow, when they came down the steps. "We want to know why Monks wants to hurt Oliver. We need you to help us to find Monks."
Nancy described him and told them where Monks could be found.
can I do for you?" asked Mr. Browlow. "I don’t want you to go back to such terrible people. We can send you to a quiet place in England or in another country."
I can’t, sir. I cannot leave my old life. I must go home now", said Nancy. "They need me. Bill needs me".
Nancy went home. The man, who followed her left the bridge and quickly went back to Fagin’s house.

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