День 3

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter VIII
Nancy and Sikes

Fagin sat in a chair looking at the young man who was sleeping on the floor. This was a man who had followed Nancy to the bridge. Fagin now knew about the meeting. He was angry because he was afraid of being arrested.
He sat thinking for a long time until he heard footsteps outside the door. That was Bill Sikes.
I have something to tell you that won’t please you", said Fagin.
He woke up the young man on the floor and asked him to tell about Nancy’s meeting on the bridge again.
Sikes heard about last Sunday, when he made Nancy stay at home, Sikes jumped up and run towards the door.
They asked her why she hadn’t come last Sunday! I’ll kill her!"
Fagin hurried after him and grabbed him before he could leave.
Let me out!" cried Sikes. "I’ll kill her!"
Listen to me, Bill," said Fagin holding his arm. "Don’t be too violent, Bill! Be clever, Bill!"
Sikes didn’t answer him. He pulled the door open and ran into the street.
he arrived home, Sikes quietly climbed the stairs and went into the room where Nancy was sleeping.
He locked the door and pushed a table against it. Then Sikes grabbed Nancy by the head and throat and pulled her into the middle of the room. He picked up his gun but thought about the noise it would make if he fired. Instead, he hit Nancy hard on the face with twice. She fell down and blood flowed from her head. Sikes stepped back from her and picked up a heavy stick. He covered his eyes and hit her again.

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