День 5

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter IX
Mr. Brownlow Meets Monks

It was getting dark as Mr. Brownlow got out of a coach outside his house. Two men also got out with a third man between them. The third man was Monks. They were walking quickly into Mr. Brownlow’s house.

The two men took Monks upstairs into the room.

"I was your father’s oldest friend," began Mr. Brownlow "and I am going to give you a chance to explain everything. Do you know you have a brother?"

"I don’t have a brother. You know I was the only child", said Monks.

"No. After your parents left each other, your father fell in love with a young woman. She was nineteen years. He was going to marry her but he was called away to Rome on business. Suddenly he fell ill and died without leaving a will. All his money was left to your mother and you. But before his leaving abroad he came to see me and gave me a picture of a young woman he wanted to marry," continued Mr. Brownlow. "Then he left for Rome and I never saw him again.
it was me who took Oliver when he was sick. He looked like the young woman in the picture your father had given me. Now I know that Oliver is your brother and that there was a will. The will said that a child would be born. You got his mother’s jewellery and the documents, and then you threw those things into the river so that nobody would know that Oliver was your brother. Now you want to hurt Oliver. The young girl who helped us is dead. She was murdered a few days ago. But the murderer will be caught tonight. The dog was seen near the place he is hiding".

"I don’t know anything about that!" cried Monks.

"Will you sign the document to say that Oliver is your brother?" asked Mr. Brownlow.

"Yes", Monks replied quietly. "If you don’t tell the police about me."

"I’ll keep your secret" said Mr. Browlow.

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