День 6

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter IX

Sikes is Caught

In a house on the river of Thames, in one of the poorest and dirtiest parts of London, three men sat talking about Fagin.

"He was arrested at lunchtime", said one of them. "The police took him away before the crowd could get at him. The people wanted to kill him there".

Suddenly they heard a noise on the stairs and Bill Sikes’ dog came into the room. It must have jumped in through an open window, but his master was not with him. The dog was exhausted by its long journey. It lay on the floor and fell asleep.

Three hours later Bill Sikes knocked at the door. He looked like a ghost.

"Is it true that Fagin is caught?"

"It’s true", replied one of the men.

Then outside the window they heard voices and footsteps. They looked out and saw a crowd of people looking for Sikes.

When they saw Sikes, they shouted loudly and wanted to set the house on fire.

"We’ll catch him now! He can’t escape!" cried a man in the crowd.

"I’ll give fifty pounds to the person who catches him alive!" cried the old gentleman.

At that moment the crowd broke down the front door of the house. The people ran up the stairs.

Sikes wanted to get down from the roof, but he slipped and fell down. He was dead.

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