День 7

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter IX

Two days after the death of Sikes, Oliver traveled with Mr. Brownlow, Mrs. Maylie, Rose, Mrs. Bedwin and Mr. Grimwig to the town where he was born.

They passed the undertaker’s shop and the workhouse and stopped at a hotel.

Monks was waiting for them. Mr.Brownlow told Oliver that Monks was his half-brother. Then Mr. and Mrs. Bumble were led into the room.

Mr. Brownlow asked the Bumbles about Oliver’s mother, Agnes.

He also asked about the jewellery she had left for Oliver.

Mr. Brownlow brought in two old women from the workhouse who knew about the jewellery. They saw Mrs. Bumble take it from old Sally when she died.

"Well then, I did sell the jewellery and the document to Monks, but you will never get them because they’re at the bottom of the river!”" cried Mrs. Bumble at last. Then the Bumbles went out of the room angrily.

Mr.Brownlow turned to Rose. "I have something important to tell you. I have the documents that you are the youngest sister of Agnes. Your father had two daughters. You are Oliver’s aunt.”"

"I want to call you my sister," cried Oliver, taking her in his arms. "My own dear sister whom I loved from the moment we met!"

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