День 8

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Chapter IX
The End of Fagin

The courtroom was full of people waiting to see what would happen to Fagin.

The jury went out to consider the verdict. Fagin waited. Then at last they returned.
was silence in the courtroom and then the single word: "Guilty". Fagin was taken back to the prison cell. Then he was left along to wait when he would be hanged.
Mr.Browlow and Oliver went to see Fagin in his cell.
"For the love of God,”"
said Mr.Brownlow."You are going to die soon. You know that Sikes is dead. Monks told me about the papers. Tell me where these documents are."
Fagin whispered to Oliver that the papers were in a hole of the chimney, in the room of the house where they had first met.
Oliver and Mr. Browlow left Fagin’s cell, there was a crowd of people outside the prison. They were waiting to see Fagin being hung. In the middle of the crowd stood the gallows.
The End
chimney – труба (дымовая или вытяжная) ; дымоход
crowd – толпа, скопление людей
gallows – виселица

The story of the people in this book is nearly finished. Rose was married soon after. Mrs. Maylie went to live with Rose and her husband.
Monks and Oliver were given three thousand pounds each.
Monks left England and traveled to another part of the world. He quickly spent all the money before returning to a life of crime and eventually died in prison.
Oliver went to live with Mr. Browlow as his son in a house near Rose and Mrs. Maylie where he could see his dear aunt as much as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Bumble lost there jobs and had to live in the workhouse where they used to work.
There is a white gravestone in the old village church and only one word on it: "AGNES".

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