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How to learn the Cyrillic Alphabet?

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Question from Yahoo!Question:
How to learn the Cyrillic Alphabet?
I am trying to learn the Russian Language but I can't get the Cyrillic Alphabet. I try to memorize it but it is just too hard.

Is there some sort of program to help me learn this?


You may learn it reading syllable - consonant+vowel sounds:

М: му-мо-ма-мэ-мы; мю-мё-мя-ме-ми
П: пу-по-па-пэ-пы; пю-пё-пя-пе-пи
К: ку-ко-ка-кэ-кы; кю-кё-кя-ке-ки

For example:

Goog luck with your Russian!