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Hepatic cake "Spider web"
It is necessary to take 500 grams of beef liver.
To clean it from  membranes and to cut it into small pieces.
Add one small onion's bulb and  then process it with a meat grinder.
Add three eggs, 1/2 glass of milk and one glass of flour.
Add salt and pepper and process it with a mixer.
Leave the mixture for 30 minutes in a cold place.
Now you have to outpour on a burning hot frying pan hepatic dough with a soup ladle  and to fry it, inverting like pancakes (about 1-2 minutes from every side).
Prepare filling for greasing of pancakes the next way. Fry a carrot and 
an onion  using sunflower-seed oil.
Add 2-3 spoons of mayonnaise.
Grease  with the greasing every pancake.
At the top of the pie draw a spider web  with mayonnaise (it will be well seen on a dark pancake).
Let the cake to absorb the filling and put it into refrigerator for at 
least 1 hour, the maximum time for this operation is over night.

Guests said: "Ah! Ah! Ah!"
My husband said: "Ah! Ah!"
My children said: "Ah!"
And I answered: "I did my best for you!"

Enjoy your meal!

Рецепт от Сони

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Hi! My name's Sonya. I'm 10. I like to cook tasty things with my mother.

Cake  "Karelian mountains"
         1/2 pack of butter
      1/2  tea spoon of baking soda, reaction vinegar
      2 glasses of flour
      3  yolks of eggs
Mix these  ingredients and roll out dough. Put it into the tin and bake 20 min. Cool and put berries with sugar on  warm dough.

How to cook berries with sugar:
      500 gr. red bilberry,  
      200 gr.  blackberry
      and 1 glass of sugar.
Beat up  white of eggs with 1/2 glass of sugar.
Put this mixture on the berries and bake the cake to the gold crust.

Cake is ready. Bon appetit!

My friend: - The cake is really good!

My father: - Very tasty and unusual!

My granny: -Unusuall taste - super !


Умница, Соня!

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Рецепт на Конкурс от Людмилы

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I like cooking different dishes. Tonight's dinner was chicken quarters, potato wedges, and broccoli with cheese sauce. The chicken quarters had been bought on sale a while ago.

I threw a few pieces into each freezer bag and mixed up various marinades and threw them in. This was essentially oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt I think. Can't quite remember...

Anyway I pulled them out of the freezer yesterday and had them in the frig but they weren't totally thawed so I used the microwave to finish thawing. I laid them skin side up in a baking dish and started them at 350, planning on an hour's cooking time.

However, I then decided to try some potato wedges that needed to be baked at 400. The potatoes were scrubbed and cut into fourths length-wise, then dipped in melted butter , then rolled in a mixture of bread crumbs, grated Parmesan cheese (about 1/2 cup  each), paprika (1/2 tsp), and garlic powder (1/2 tsp). Laid them in a single layer in a baking dish. They needed about 35 minutes so when the chicken had been baking a half an hour, I turned up the oven and added the potato wedges.

The broccoli was fresh. I generally just "steam" it in the microwave. It stays nice and green that way and doesn't get mushy. I cut it into chunks and put in a covered dish with a few table-spoons of water and microwaved about 3 minutes. I made up a cheese sauce and poured that into the broccoli, then covered with the leftover bread crumbs from the chicken and baked it for the final 15 minutes with everything else.

The girls pronounced everything but the broccoli "3 stars", especially the potatoes. The broccoli they happily ate when I mentioned the delicious chocolate ice cream we had for desert and pronounced it "not too bad."


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