If you want to speak Russian


nerazberihaHello, my dear friend! 

Здравствуй, мой дорогой друг!

If you want to speak Russian, learn our idioms, sayings and proverbs. 
You know that idiom is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but must be learned as a whole.

For example, the expression “a watched pot never boils” meaning “time hangs heavy” — is an idiom. 

There is an English idiom: “a fine (pretty) kettle of fish” meaning “jumble, medley, mess”

"When she had gone Soames reached for the letter. ‘A pretty kettle of fish,’ he muttered. ‘Where it'll end, I can't tell!’ "

                                                      J. Galsworthy, ‘The White Monkey’

Russian equivalent is very interesting and funny.
It means "неразбериха" in Russian . 

По-русски "a fine (pretty) kettle of fish" значит "неразбериха".

А еще русские говорят в таких случаях: 

      сам чёрт не разберет! (≈ there is no making head or tail of it)

      ну и каша заварилась! (the fat is in the fire)

      весёленькая история! (a pretty go! a pretty story indeed!)

      хорошенькое дело! (a nice pair of shoes)

      ну и дела творятся! (dog my cats!)

Russian is very expressive, significant language.

Come and realize!
Good bye! До свидания!

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