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Let me prefer the original recipe.

But before  it is the following note. I live in Donetsk, the capital of Donbas. That is the east of Ukraine. Donbas-unique multinational region, in which cultural traditions of different ethnic group interlaced closely. That's why the Tatar, Greek or Jewish dishes on a table in Ukrainian family is the absolutely natural phenomenon for Donbas.
Already it became tradition, when our numerous relatives and friends meet together for a domestic triumph I cook the Tatar dish – “Besh-Barmak”.

The Ingredients:

1. Piece of meat w 0,5-1 kg (chicken, beef, mutton or pork)

2. 5-6 not large carrots
3. 2-3 large onions

4. 200 g of Butter

5. 2 eggs

6. Some flour

7. Add salt and pepper-to taste

I use it:

1/ Wash a piece of meat and cut it into some not large parts.
Put meat on the preheated deep frying pan. Wait while it boils down.
Then add the butter, some liquid. Season the meat with salt and pepper.

2/ While the meat is stewing on a slow fire, mix  the tough dough consists of 2 eggs and some flour. Roll out the dough.

Put in the onion thin rings and grated carrots.

Roll up the dough and cut it into some small rolls.

3/ Place the made small rolls in the boiled meat. Then cover with the leftover onion and carrot and cook it approximately for 15-20 minutes simultaneously.

4/ This dish is better hot, neatly laying out the pieces of meat and rolls in a deep dish, sprinkled with parsley. 

I want to assure this dish will have a great success.

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